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    What is the best remedy for Tonsils? I have tried almost everything

    P/6 injection CP 3cc Capsule amoxil 500mg TDS 5/7 Tab paracetamol 3/7 Tab piriton 400mg TDs 3/7
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    Is it ok to breastfeed while lying down?

    It is ok as long as you practice this safety measures, ensure that you are sober and not taking any medications that may make you sleepy, it needs to be a flat surface so ensure that your breast and the baby's face are on the same level. Keep your nipple in line with the mouth and have baby...
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    Pregnant and nursing mothers, what services do you need?

    Today I would like to get to know something from pregnant and nursing mothers. What service do you wish to be granted or made easier during this period?
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    What drugs can help me produce more breastmilk?

    We give motilium to help with milk production. Increase fluid intake and to remain as stress free as possible. If all else can use formula
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    I delivered 4 days ago vaginally and I got a 3rd degree tear.

    Not really. Like mentioned above, sleeping patterns in babies vary alot. Most tend to stay awake like watchmen at night then sleep during the day for the first three months or so. Some don't behave like this. They are all normal.
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    I delivered 4 days ago vaginally and I got a 3rd degree tear.

    What's important in those cases is to find out what's causing the baby to cry like that... could be an infection in most cases or something else. We advice a check up in those cases. Alot of the products given for presumed colic from over the counter are more to make the mother feel better but...
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    I delivered 4 days ago vaginally and I got a 3rd degree tear.

    Most babies have this habit of twisting and turning, making weird noises like they are trying to push something out... some cry or turn red on the face... then when they pass poop or gas, they relax till the next time. That's not colic. That behavior goes on for two to three months then...
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    I delivered 4 days ago vaginally and I got a 3rd degree tear.

    We define colic as a baby who cries incessantly or non-stop fro periods exceeding 3 hours... more than 3 days in a row... more than three weeks in a row. Essentially, you shouldn't be sitting at home with such a baby coz likely the baby will have poor feeding.
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    Will i deliver normally?

    Some gynaes have scans in their offices and may be willing to check you out. Some hospitals are also stiil doing obstetric clinics for high risk mothers. You can try these options
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    I developed genital warts at 8 weeks of pregnancy

    It is important that you connect with your obstetrician so he can review and make recommendations for treatment
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    Will i deliver normally?

    Yes you need to have that scan done ASAP to establish its position.
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    My 3 month old baby has round patches of rushes

    A check up for your baby would be best adviced to see what they look like. Please don't post photos here.
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    My daughter was given double dose BCG, how bad is that?

    Likely it won't be an issue. We used to repeat BCG vaccinations if there was no scar formed by 6 months but that practice has been discarded. Sleeping patterns in babies vary so not to worry.
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    Will i get an underweignt baby?

    There are fetal/baby ultrasound that can be done to more accurately measure the weight and growth of the baby. I recommend you get one of those before you reach a conclusion.
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    My baby snores alot when feeding

    Likely gets nasal congestion due to reflux. Use saline nasal drops to decongest the nose