Kenyan Food Recipes

Kenyan Food Recipes 2020-05-09

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The intention of this exercise was to document major recipes that are most commonly consumed among Kenyan communities.

This necessitated a desk review of previous work done on recipes by different institutions including Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization and Kenyatta University. Other sources of recipe information included Ministry of
Health through County Nutrition Coordinators (CNCs), individual work done by FCT Steering committee members and contributions from community focus groups discussions.

A criteria for including and/or excluding recipes was defined to guide the recipe selection process. As such, recipes were included based on ingredient availability as analysed in the revised KFCT, relevance to current utilization at community level, method of preparation, physical availability of ingredients, and ingredients uniqueness in form; for instance dry versus fresh or whole versus refined. Recipes that were modified in nature and those whose method of preparation altered the original state of ingredients as analysed in the
KFCT (for example, recipes with a fermentation step or dried ingredients) were excluded.

Based on the aforementioned inclusion and exclusion criteria, most of the recipes that qualified into the mandatory list were picked from the local communities as provided by the CNCs of the Ministry of Health and County Nutrition Officials of the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization.

These were later verified by the focus groups drawn from Kenyan communities. In addition, the mandatory list of recipes was then agreed upon by stakeholders through a thorough consensus building process that involved recipe validation with steering committee members.

In order to preserve the validity of the recipes to the local communities, participants in the actual preparation and cooking of the recipes were drawn from these communities and their list can be found in Annex 2.
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A great book. I like it coz it had practical example and common foods that we cook daily. Please share more of such local recipes. With kawaida ingredients.