Have you ever gone for a Job interview while pregnant?

Edith Njeri

New Mum
Was 7 months paged. I arrived late because I had to go to my then workstation before going for the interview. I left in a hurry and thus was thoroughly hungry. Nilienda kwa jikoni kuomba anything edible. It is 11a.m hadn't eaten anything since morning.
When my turn came, I informed myself that the struggle shouldn't be in vain. The panelists made some funny faces but this did not lower my spirits. A gentleman felt for me and helped me sit comfortably. The session was smooth. I received the appointment letter after 2 months on the exact date I delivered. I applied for a maternity.......went there three months after....I still thank God
I did....was called for an interview 1 wk to delivery....the panel thought nitazalia hapo.....they asked me questions haraka haraka.....One of the lady in the panel asked me how far....and congratulated me and told me to go and rest.....mtoto akiwa 2wks i was called to go for my letter of appointment whereby we were supposed to go out of Nairobi for training....They had to hold it in Nairobi so that i be commuting the rest were boarding....I always Thank God they gave me a job

Irene Kagehi

New Mum
I once interviewed an expectant lady , we gave her the job , she gave birth paid maternity leave etc then continued with the job she become one of our best performers. Legally you cant discriminate against a pregrant woman .
I did.... Was pgd.... 5 months and it was too big... Went for interview and was called to sign my offer letter wen I was 5days after giving birth via cs.... Did everything and again was given paid maternity leave... I saw God
1st case many years back went for an interview for receptionist but they offered me a job as a transport manager instead. Before I signed the contract told them I'm 1 month pregnant. The shock on their faces. The contract started that I would only get my maternity paid leave if only I have worked with them for 1 year. With the calculations I did,I turned down the offer.
Scenario 2- When 5 months preggers went for another interview,this time I didn't mention anything to anyone,I got the job and it started showing 2 months later. They said they thought no potty🤣🤣🤣. Worked my ass off and infact was given an early maternity leave with my pay too. But was called back 2 months after delivery.
My lesson,unless you have some complications,and it's not showing. Do your interview the best you can and when you get the job work work and prove them that mimba sio ugonjwa.
Some companies avoid hiring coz they think maybe you won't work properly or to avoid the maternity leave expense.


New Mum
I did and disclosed when I realised I was almost getting the slot... Actually on that last negotiating session and I instantly felt how the MD tried to change the trajectory of the story. Luckily, I was content since I knew the role would be tasking and ultimately I could distabilize the company's plan at that time or myself. There's always another chance. He totally appreciated my disclosure.


New Mum
Attended one at about 3 months was subjected to a medical examination n still got the job. Probation 3months, got the confirmation letter n medical insurance just on time, I still work there. God is faithful


New Mum
I did when I was 3 month pregnant. I did pass the interview. Decided to tell the employer am pregnant and that's how I lost the chance. Was told niende nizae kwanza then I can come back because the person I was to replace was 8 month pregnant already. I thank God because after I gave birth, I got a better offer somewhere else and now am far better than where I used to be before getting the baby.