My daughter was given double dose BCG, how bad is that?

My daughter was accidentally given bcg dose twice confusion at the hospital. Should I be worried. Also she barely sleeps during the day all day she's 4 mnths now.

Dr. Suzzane Asami

Likely it won't be an issue. We used to repeat BCG vaccinations if there was no scar formed by 6 months but that practice has been discarded. Sleeping patterns in babies vary so not to worry.
BCG vaccine causes a delayed hypersensitivity reaction typically a swelling that may often erupt but heals in a few weeks. Here you were given BCG vaccine twice - if this doesn’t seem to be getting better I would recommend to have the area re-evaluated to assess if a superimposed infection is present. If so we could do a swab and take it to the lab so that treatment is specific