Part 15

Zurich Zuri

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PART 15:
Nilirudi home without even shopping for my mom! I pretended to be okay, but in real sense I wasn't! I was so Disturbed, stressed, broke and lost! I couldn't dream of being rape over and over again😢! I cried in silence! I sobbed in darkness! I was thinking of poisoning my son before I hang myself!

I find myself talking alone! Smiling sheepishly, counting fingers 😪 I even lost hope in God! I had suffered alot!

So my mum opened for me a kibanda at least I keep myself busy! I needed a distraction! Nikaenda Molo town kufanya hio kazi Sasa! By the way my cousin never paid the remaining balance of 20k😒 In Molo things were going well! I even supported my mum! I paid rent for my kasingle room 😏! After 3 months I got tested for HIV and it was negative 😏 that was a releive! So katika pilka pilka zangu nikiwa biashara I met a gentleman! Though I never wanted anything to do with men! He proved himself to be a gentleman, so I decided I should forgive and move on! This was one year after the rape incident! I gave him a chance though I refused to sleep with him koz I had terrific memories! He agreed! After like 6 months I gave in and we got married come we stay! Both sides of the parents were aware! We lived happily, he provided everything, I forgot to mention that he is a Pharmacist! He even promised to take me to college! I was so happy! Finally I met my Mr. Right! I never cared if he will pay my bride price as long as he took me to college 😕!