Pregnant and nursing mothers, what services do you need?

Dr. Suzzane Asami

Today I would like to get to know something from pregnant and nursing mothers. What service do you wish to be granted or made easier during this period?

Mary Kabogo

New Mum
Kusuguliwa miguu, kusaidiwa kubeba mimba hata kama ni few minutes na maternity leave ifikishe angalau 5months
Thank you all who give us priorities kwa bank, matatus, supermarkets, etc


New Mum
Mimi I needed to be given dawa for constipation like everyday please tuwe tukipewa hospitali si lazima tuwe tumejifungua cs yawa mimi I almost died coz of pooo it was sooo painful ata sikuwa naenda....I once pooed nkafikiria nmeacha my vajayjay kwa chooo aaaargh that was my worst nightmare


New Mum
Every hospital should have a separate room, for mum who have given birth and their angles joined the heavens and mum who got their babies safe and sound... Ooooh how I suffered being placed in the same room with mums who gave birth to healthy and kicking babies, while mine had joined the angles😭😭😭😭


New Mum
Jump to 2nd trimester right after testing positive. 1st trimester is unexplainably awkward and unnecessary


New Mum
Don't deduct the clinic days from her leave days. She needs to take the baby for immunization, it's not a rest day for her. Also, until baby is six months [exclusively breastfed], consider either allowing her the entire six months off, or allow her work less hours, like 5hrs a day ndio anyonyeshe ipaswavyo.


New Mum
A better mechanism of doing VE, 6 months fully paid maternity leave for ladies and one month for gentlemen. Ladies to work half day until the child gets to one year. All offices to have a mothers room-this should be implemented by OSHA. My list is long.


New Mum
Give mother n baby ample time to rest especially preterm babies.
Not rushing to visit them.
Holding the little one without washing their hands, others kissing the little one and making funny comments Eg nikadogo😒..
Above all else support the mother, postnatal depression is real.
What I needed at that time was extra hands. Especially with my 2nd born. I had a two year old to attend to. I had an infant to breastfeed, change diapers, clothes to wash, food to cook . God I was so overwhelmed. Oh my , with only my two hands to help myself. Not a joke