What is the best remedy for Tonsils? I have tried almost everything

Mary Kabogo

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Not mental health related but I wish to know Dawa ya tonsils ni gani? Nimejaribu kila kitu hadi dawa hazifanyi kazi please advice.


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Treatment of tonsilitis depends on the cause. It can be caused by either bacteria (streptococcus) or by virus, e.g. herpes simplex, sinusitis etc.
Bacterial infection is more dangerous if you delay treatment because it can cause rheumatic fever, glomerulonephritis (a kidney infection) and scarlet fever etc. It can be treated using antibiotics and pain killers but take full doze pliz.
Viral infection usually goes away on its own hence antibiotics won't help. Still, you need to use home therapies/remedies, e.g. guggling warm salty water, enough rest, sucking lozenges, painkillers etc.

Now that you don't know the cause of your tonsilitis visit a doctor for a test. Don't delay—quick recovery.
Avoid having sugary ad cold drink water included thanks me later, hakuna dawa ya tonsils sijakunywa Hadi miti shamba.. avoiding such helped me
First stop taking cold water, foods or beverages, then take a lemon, ginger and kitunguu saumu boil the concoction, let us meet here on Tuesday for review


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My dear kata ndimu in pieces usitoe maganda..mix na garlic and Ginger chemxha pamoja ikitoka mix na asali ukunywe...thank me later


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Btw stress can cause it bcoz..stress lowers the immunity system of the body and tonsils helps in fighting diseases so if weakened by stress they get inflamed..try omega-three supplements to boost your immunity


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Boil tangawizi, lemon and saumu kisha chunga,ipoe take a glass 30min before every meal for three days, three times per day, you will testify ukipona


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Please go buy a medicine called AZITO (azithromycilin) 150 or 100 from the chemist and take them, in 2 hrs urudi normal!! Utakam kushuudia


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Avoid, sugary things, Cold drink from Fridge always take warm water, like me once I take chocolate or sweets, cakes, cold water I don't sleep that night I try as much to avoid it

Ann Masagali

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They have remedy go to hospital they will give capsule have tried it works because is allergy avoid cold things and sweet things


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I was advised to use "igata" and "mulali", and up to now my nephew has never been to hospital again he's 5yrs old
Nenda kwa duka la wine n spirits iliokaribu nawe, nunua wine ya V&A, tot moja teremsha na soda ya sprite,itachoma bacteria na hatawaii pata hii shida tena,niliwai ambiwa nikabishana na buda wa rafiki yangu bt in the end iliwork it was just once, am not a drunkard
Chemsha garlic na tangawizi 4 15 mins Alf ukishatoa kwa Moto katakatia ndimu pamoja na maganda Alf ukunywe all dei long.remember ndimu isichemke