What is the best remedy for Tonsils? I have tried almost everything

Enda hosy utatibiwa dear nlisumbuliwa na izo vitu nlidungwa shindano 10 na tablets juu yake tangu 2018 hadi sai hazijawai rudi l thank na Dct for treating me n all thanks to Almighty God for healing me


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OK,, for you treat tonsillitis, you have to know if they are severe or mild. Then you have to identify if they are fungal or bacterial. You can inbox it might of great help


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Tafuta mti unaitwa muthiga....uchemshe maganda ama u chew them...acha io maji ifike apo kwa izo tonsils bt usimeze!


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-It breaks and cleanses cholesterol from the the spleen and the stomach, promoting healthy digestion and efficient waste excretion
-It helps with lowering lipids
-It reduces fever
-It boosts the immune system and internal energy levels
-It helps the central nervous system to function properly
-It helps relieve alcoholism and its effects
-It has laxative properties, making bowel movements easy
-It is very effective in treating stomach ulcers
-Tiens Lipid Metabolic Management Tea also helps fight viral and bacterial infections

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Buy konatab tablets, green in colour, 45$ per pill, then use warm water two guggle your throat, avoid cold foods n drinks, cover urself in warmth


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Check from an ENT surgeon whether it is tonsils or acid reflux, that destroys your throat. I had the same problem thinking it is tonsils, kumbe ni acid reflux